Sustainable Culture Centre - With 100% renewable energy, Build and stay in a eco-friendly tree house.
Est. 1998

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Gankoyama Tree House Village - Sustainable Culture Centre

Gankoyama is a small, tree house village located on a mountainside in the heart of southern Boso, Chiba. It was established in 1998 as the first tree house village in Japan and is the ideal ecovillage for people who want to learn about suvival skills in the Japanese forest and sustainable lifestyles. It is about two hours away from Tokyo so it is a popular place for outdoor enthusiasts to go on weekends and holidays. We offer unique, eco-friendly tours that give you the chance to experience life in the Japanese forest. Visiters enjoy themselves when they come here because they not only learn how to co-exist with nature but also have fun in the process. You can visit Gankoyama just for the day or stay for one or two nights. Customized tours are also available for groups and schools.
Walking tour in forestmaking bow and arrow


Gankoyama offers Sustainable Culture Workshops that allow you to learn techniques to experience a healthier lifestyle which is sustainable. There are two main courses available at Gankoyama.

(A) Gankoyama Master : Course for japanese forestry survival skills
The Gankoyama Master course allows you to learn forestry survival skills while you take part in various outdoor activities.(2 day program)

(B) Tree House Master : Course for traditional Japanese carpentry
The Tree House Master (course 1) course gives you the hands-on experience of actually building a tree house with an experienced instructor. The Tree House Master (course 2) course allows you to learn about traditional Japanese carpentry, rope work, tree climbing and chain saw techniques in the process. (both 2 day program)

Visitors stay in a Tree House at night and enjoy our organic vegetarian meals which use mushrooms and other seasonal edible wild plants during all workshops.

- Gankoyama Master : Course for japanese forestry survival skills -

On the Gankoyama Master tour, you can learn about Japanese forest culture while you enjoy various activities like making a handicraft, learning rope tying and cooking in a wood-fired oven. You can also pick edible wild plants and mushrooms and cook organic forest food. This tour is highly recommended for people who want to learn about Japanese-style sustainable forest life and natural survival skills for a weekend.
(For details click here)
tree climbingbow and arrow

- Tree House Master : Course for traditional Japanese carpentry -

Building a tree house is not difficult at all if you have the know-how and it is a wonderful experience. You build a tree house with an instructor so anyone can participate, even people without any DIY experience. Naturally, the carpentering knowledge acquired from this activity is useful for life in the forest but it can also be used in everyday life. (For details click here)

tree house building

tree house deck
building a high tree house

- Gankoyama only uses renewable energy -

Gankoyama believes "the forest can provide 100% natural energy." It proves this by being environmentally friendly and servicing all of its energy needs with its own power which comes from the solar panels and wind generator on site. Meals are also prepared with conserving energy in mind so everything is cooked on a campfire; no electricity whatsoever is used.
Gankoyama was established with the purpose of informing people about the deterioration of the forests in Japan and hopes that by coming here and getting back to nature it will encourage our guests to think about other environmental problems, as well.

eco tourswood chopping
 For the last 2 years running the Japanese Forestry Agency, which is part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, has stated that Gankoyama tours are programs of superior quality because they have continually utilized natural forest resources efficiently.

- Stay in a Tree house and feel closer to nature -

Our tree houses have spacious rooms which are cool in summer and kept warm in winter by heaters. Guests just need to bring their own sleeping bags or they can borrow one of ours. You also have the option of sleeping in our numerous hammocks (both indoors and outdoors) around our eco-village. There is no better way to forget about city life and get a good night's sleep than under the stars. A hot solar-powered shower is always available, a flushing bio-compost toilet is on site and electrical outlets powered by solar energy to recharge camera batteries and mobile phones can also be used if required. All of these things combine to create a feeling of rustic comfort.
tree house in gankoyamatree house
Free time at Gankoyama is fun, as well. There are lots of things you can do in the forest. You can just relax in a hammock high up in a tree and read or ride one of our mountain bikes. Doing yoga in the forest would also be a wonderful thing to experience, just take a deep breath and feel at one with nature. You can relive the childhood delight of collecting insects, too, by waking up early to look for rhinoceros and stag beetles in summer.
yoga in gankoyamatree house hammock

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